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This page is dedicated to Peggy of On Stage Graphics.


This page stands for the rights of artists as teachers. Please read this page then show your support by placing a button ,shown at the bottom of the page, on your site linking back to this one. At the bottom of this page are other supporters and a link to their site. Their sites are a MUST READ!

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. If you see a tutorial for Paint Shop Pro (or anything else) out there on the web and you want to make one because the one you saw inspired you, great! But have a few morals and at least let others know who inspired you or at least have the decency to start from scratch and use your own images, wording and techniques entirely! Don't just take their idea, change the wording and slight some of the graphics and come up with the exact basic end result and call it your own. If a person gives you permission to use his or her tutorial in any form or format, please make sure when you link back to them to give them credit where it is completely visible and readable.

Come on, be creative! You can always add something beneficial to the tutorial you saw rather than just simply copy it! Some people have been known to not only copy tutorial step for step with the exact same settings, but they go so far as to even use some or all of the graphics from the original tutorial! Then there are others who take a few images and add a few of their own with slightly different wording or technique and say it's their own. Then there are others who do it right by looking at a tutorial and saying, "well I think I can do one but using different techniques and all my own graphics and screen captures etc."

When a person creates a tutorial in this way, it is definitely their own in its entirety. Being inspired by someone's work and coming up with your OWN way of doing the same thing and then do so FROM STEP ONE is the ethical way to do things. And if you've done things this way, you wont be ashamed or afraid to say, "Here's my tutorial inspired by another I found" and give credit to the person who inspired you. Or "Here's my version of such and such."

In doing your OWN tutorials, you may just learn something yourself as you work that you can share with others! We're all here to learn and some of us are able to teach. We each use our own techniques and learn  or are inspired by others. Learning is fine, teaching is fine, stealing in any way is just plain WRONG! Not only is it wrong, it's easily detectable and its an infringement on copyright!


What Is Copyright?

Here are a few items concerning copyright that you can find at What Is Copyright that I thought fit into this area. Feel free to go to that site and read it in its entirety.

"Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to grab it."

"If I have the "idea" to make a web page about roses, that idea cannot be copyrighted because an idea itself will always be intangible. What is copyrighted are the tangible works I produce of the idea."

"What if I take someone else's writings, text, HTML or graphic image and change it around to suit my needs? I own the "new" version, right? If you did any of that with the original owner's permission, and according to his/her terms and conditions than you own the "new" version. If not you may be committing copyright infringement and/or plagiarism."

So if you want to create tutorials even similar to others you've seen, use your OWN wording, your OWN graphics, your OWN techniques entirely!


Examples of Alledged Theft

Peggy's graphic tutorials are wonderful and very imaginative. Go to her tutorial on a Gumball Machine to see what I mean.

Now go to a tutorial that was created using the same idea along with some of the graphics. Notice how parts of the instruction are shown using RED graphics yet the end result is BROWN. This person not only used the coloring of the original graphics, but if you'll look closely you'll notice that they are the same exact shape and they're flat (not beveled) as in the next step. Obviously the same graphics. Go to this tutorial and you'll find some of Peggy's work mixed in. Subtle yet obvious!

This person did NOT come up with her own tutorial created entirely on her own using her own graphics etc. The technique is slightly different and so is the wording. Yet it's not entirely her own because of the use of the graphics shown in the tutorial. You may say but they look slightly different due to the background they're on. Of course! Anyone can crop, copy then paste! It's just a shame that there are people out there like this. Not enough imagination of their own to create with so they leech off someone else.Tsk tsk tsk....

This is but one example of what is not acceptable in the artist's world on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. Sure, the way it was done isn't "against the law" some might say, due to the alterations that were made that lets this just hang outside the infringement issue. But it's still not right and the ones doing this kind of thing to someone else KNOW it's not right.


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